Episode 2 : Love and Coffee


The Writer – The Musician

Musician  00:15

Hey Everybody. Welcome to another episode of Stream of Coffeeness.

Writer  00:20

I’m The Writer.

Musician  00:21

I’m The Musician.

Writer  00:25

Cheers amore.

Musician  00:26

Cheers, my love

Writer  00:30


Musician  00:34

So, last time we talked about everything and nothing.

Writer  00:41

Yeah, that’s right.

Musician  00:43

But if we talk about everything, it’ll take too long. Like infinite time to talk about everything. And if we talk about nothing, it’ll be over too fast. So we should just talk about something.

Writer  01:00

Let’s do that. Let’s talk about something.

Musician  01:04

What would you like to talk about?

Writer  01:10

Little moments of love.

Musician  01:16

And big moments.

Writer  01:19

Big moments of love too.

Musician  01:22

Actually, that’s one of my favorite songs by Art of Noise. Moments of love.

Writer  01:28


Musician  01:29

Moments in love.

Writer  01:33

I gotta hear that. I want to hear that with you.

Musician  01:35

That’s really good one.

Writer  01:37

Today, do you want to listen to it? Sometimes

Musician  01:39

I have it on vinyl.

Writer  01:41

Oh, I have heard it. And I think when we were at the cabin,

Musician  01:44


Writer  01:45

And like we were listening to all those records for days. It was amazing in the little Alice in Wonderland cabin.

Musician  01:56

That floor. That was the craziest floor. I had first felt like I was tripping. And I literally then was tripping because I would walk and lean over and try to lean back and then it would go the other way.

Writer  02:14

It like messed with the equilibrium. Like to go up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Like, oh my god. I gotta make it to the toilet. And then like when I sit there, like am I gonna fall off?

Musician  02:31

Yeah, every every moment was a little journey. Just trying to get from the couch to the fireplace was like a little hill and then decline. And then it turned to the left.

Writer  02:45

And to think that like a house could be like that. Like, it was a really subtly like, you can barely notice it. But it is there. It was like

Musician  02:56

You say barely notice when I first walked in. It looked like Escher drew it was defying gravity. Like is that the floor? Is that a wall?

Writer  03:06

I love Escher.

Musician  03:07

Wait a minute.

Writer  03:08

That’s the perfect description for this little crazy cabin. Yeah, it was like Escher.

Musician  03:17

And they had a record player and some records. And then I brought my own records.

Writer  03:25

We had so much music there. And then listening to the ones that you know we’ve never heard before. They had some, I was surprised they had some good tracks there.

Musician  03:36

Oh, yeah, Yeah yeah.

Writer  03:39

Wow. I have it all written down somewhere. All the ones that I loved.

Musician  03:45

Oh, that’s cool.

Writer  03:47

Right before we left I, do you remember I was sitting there writing everything down. I don’t know if that if you knew that that’s what I was writing. But that is what I was writing.

Musician  04:00

I think so. I think it was even funny to me. I think you’re writing down some of the ones that are in my collection. And I’m like they’re right there.

Writer  04:07

That’s right. Yep.

Musician  04:10

I remember them. I have them forever.

Writer  04:16

So today is my birthday.

Musician  04:19

Oh, yeah?

Writer  04:21

It’s my Hirthday actually.

Musician  04:27

If you ever go to the Dollar Tree, you get a Happy Birthday sign. Buyer beware. Because when someone’s not paying attention, instead of a B they put an H.

Writer  04:46

So it’s Happy Hirthday when you hang it up (Laughter) Ohhh. So it’s my Hirthday! Cheers!

Musician  05:03

Cheers, my love!

Writer  05:11

I love coffee.

Musician  05:14

Oh, yes. Coffee loves you.

Writer  05:20

Thank you coffee, for all you give me.

Musician  05:24

And I love coffee. I love you. It’s like a…

Writer  05:32

I love you.

Musician  05:35

It’s like we have an open relationship with coffee.

Writer  05:42

A very open relationship every morning.

Musician  05:45

I feel compersion with the happiness that the coffee is giving you. (Laughter) I like to watch.

Writer  05:55

(Laughter) I like to watch you Eric with your coffee. And I like to listen to your delicious radio voice.

Musician  06:18

It was pirate radio.

Writer  06:20

Back in your 20s?

Musician  06:22

So my radio voice would be like THIS. ARRR!

Writer  06:26

Wait. Really?

Musician  06:27

It’s not that kind of pirate. And I did college radio or pirate radio and whatever I could do really.

Writer  06:34

Why did they call it pirate radio?

Musician  06:36

Because it’s illegal.

Writer  06:38

Oh, right on.

Musician  06:39

So it’s, you know, you have to get licensing to get your bandwidth and your towers and have communications. It’s FCC. So like, it’s actually federal level FCC violations to put broadcasts out into the airwaves that are not commissioned by the Federal Communications Commission FCC. So it sort of makes sense.

Writer  07:04


Musician  07:05

However, then it also doesn’t make that much sense. Because, like, everything, you know, why would you need a permit to play music? Or why would you need permission to something to express yourself somehow artistically? Like, why would you need..

Writer  07:26

Yeah. Yeah.

Musician  07:26

…permission or or, you know…

Writer  07:28

Or some legal document that says you can do it?

Musician  07:31

Yeah, that you can share music with the community, somehow it all it all then fades away when you start to think about it in some more idealistic or whatever terms. But no it’s it’s…

Writer  07:45

Errric the pirate!

Musician  07:46

It’s illegal. So pirate radio, they get their tower because they want to do radio, and they don’t want to get all the documents and pay all the money and do all the things and next thing, you know, you’re broadcasting. And while we were doing it, the feds came. The black suits.

Writer  08:03


Musician  08:03

People came to our door and …

Writer  08:05


Musician  08:06

And said, We know you’re doing pirate radio, we’ve triangulated. We found you and and we just wouldn’t answer their questions. And we said nothing and sort of told them to go away. They’d left some documents, but we moved the transmitter and just kept going.

Writer  08:24

That’s what you gotta do. Just keep going.

Musician  08:27

Pirate radio is fun, because then you don’t have to have commercials. And well, now it doesn’t matter. Now, people just Twitch and stream and you know.

Writer  08:36


Musician  08:37

The internet sort of this free.

Writer  08:39

It’s so different.

Musician  08:40

Free. You know, it’s not pirate when you’re on the internet. You’re just doing it.

Writer  08:45

That was the 90s Right?

Musician  08:46

Yeah, somehow FCC controls the airwaves. Controll-ed the airwaves.

Writer  08:53

What was it? Oh, we were talking about something right?

Musician  08:56

We are talking about something, we’re definitely not talking about nothing. And again, if we talk about everything, it’s going to take way too long. So…

Writer  09:03

Yeah. Many times throughout this conversation, we might do all of it. Talk about nothing. Talk about something. Talk about everything.

Musician  09:14

Well talking about nothing leaves an empty space. What happens is there’s a likelihood or at least a capacity for that empty space to be filled with something. So in that’s a perfect frame talking about nothing is a perfect frame for talking about something because…

Writer  09:32

Winnie the Pooh would agree.

Musician  09:34

Fill in the silence.

Writer  09:35

I know it. Yeah.

Musician  09:38

Who’s this character?

Writer  09:41

Winnie the Pooh?

Musician  09:42

Named poo?

Writer  09:47

(Raspberry noise) Would understand.

Musician  09:53

(Laughter) I’m Like…

Writer  09:54

I know why did, why did they name him Winnie the poo. Poo.

Musician  10:01

Well poohbear. But I don’t know what a poohbear is. I know what a brown bear is. And I hope they’re not the same thing.

Writer  10:06

Is a Pooh Bear an actual bear name?

Musician  10:10


Writer  10:11

Like besides Winnie the Pooh name like a breed of Bears?

Musician  10:14

Brown Bear, black bear. Polar Bear Pooh Bear.

Writer  10:18

(Laughter) Are you sure? We gotta Google this. Oh, I just looked at our Banksy painting, and it says “love is the answer.”

Musician  10:30

Love is the answer. And if you ever find that, as a prescription love is not working, you should double the dose.

Writer  10:42

Absolutely Doctor Errric. Dr. Pirate Errric. (Laughter) Dr. Delicious voice.

Musician  10:54

This is my radio voice. And this be my pirate voice.

Writer  10:58


Musician  10:59

Pirate radio voice.

Writer  11:03

Blow kisses to all of your voices. So the something that I would love to talk about today for my birthday that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time, or even a few weeks now is talking about all the things we love in life, all of the little things like all of that random things, all of the obvious things, all of those like not obvious things. Everything extraordinary. Everything, just ordinary, like anything that comes to mind. I, I know there’s so much and I just I love conversations with you Errric because I love where our conversations go. And this is definitely an important conversation to me right now. A side note is that my sister right now is dying of cancer. And it might be her last day today of life on this earth. And so that’s why I thought this would be a really, really a wonderful conversation to have to remind and get in touch with all those little things in life. Like sometimes living life can be so automatic. And you know, we don’t necessarily really let moments affect us. So…

Musician  12:47

Well, they affect you whether you let them or not.

Writer  12:50

Yeah, yeah.

Musician  12:52

So it comes out somewhere.

Writer  12:56

I’m talking more in the sense of opening your heart more.

Musician  13:01

Of course.

Writer  13:02

To be affected in a way that really touches you, like even more so than usual. I think that’s just the space where I’m at right now.

Musician  13:13

Well, I love your sister.

Writer  13:16

I love her too.

Musician  13:16

She’s such a beautiful person with a beautiful light. And she has this wonderful glow that shines on all of our friends and family and everybody that she touches. She’s really beautiful.

Writer  13:42

And for everyone, her name is Shelly. My golly sis either Shelly or my golly sis.

Musician  13:54

And if you know, you know the reference.

Writer  13:57

Yeah. Maybe if you…

Musician  13:58

People will know the golly sis reference.

Writer  14:01

Golly sis. It’s a scene from Parent Trap.

Musician  14:06

The original.

Writer  14:06

The original with Hayley Mills.

Musician  14:09

The original.

Writer  14:11

And there’s this moment where both of them are at camp, they’re twins. And they don’t even know that the other exists. And one lives in like London or something and the other lives in like California, USA or something. (Laughter) And so they’re at the same camp and they’re looking at each other and they’re just kind of like what’s up with this girl, you know what’s up with this girl but they have this moment eventually. Where they look at each other and say, “golly! sisters!” and then they hug and that’s me and my golly sis. I always call her my golly sis. Oh gosh. I got so into that little story I like forgot forgot about like life and like some of the heavier things involved. I just felt so good to share that story. And how I feel.

Musician  15:17

Well were talking about things you love and you brought up your sister and I can say I loved her you always called her your golly sis

Writer  15:30


Musician  15:30


Writer  15:33

You know that movie too, don’t you?

Musician  15:36

Well it’s so special because be hard pressed to find another pair of sisters where one of them calls the other one “golly sis.”

Writer  15:49

Yeah, I’ve never heard of that. Actually. It’s like, our, our thing. Our unique like thing.

Musician  15:56

Even as it comes from pop culture. Somehow, you make it your own.

Writer  16:02

Cheers to my golly sis.

Musician  16:04


Writer  16:09

So creamy. Amore it’s like chunky cream. Do you know when your coffee gets Chunky sometimes? Is that because I haven’t taken a sip in a while?

Musician  16:25


Writer  16:27

But I did take a sip. I don’t know where that came from.

Musician  16:30

It’s the heavy cream though.

Writer  16:31

Oh, yeah, cuz we used heavy whipping cream.

Musician  16:33

It says right in the title.

Writer  16:35


Musician  16:36

Heavy. Because when they called it chunky cream, it didn’t sell as well.

Writer  16:41


Musician  16:41

Heavy cream sells better than chunky cream.

Writer  16:44

Oh gosh. Definitely sells better. I want that to be the first thing that I love about life is creamy coffee.

Musician  16:57

Mmm. I love lamp.

Writer  17:03

What movie is that from again?

Musician  17:05


Writer  17:06

Oh, yeah. What’s the context again?

Musician  17:09

They’re actually talking about have you ever been in love? And one of them says, you know, I think I have but then they say oh, no, that isn’t love and the other ones you know, trying to say that they’ve been in love before but then the one newscaster who’s not very bright just starts naming things in the room. I love floor. I love table I love lamp. They ask him, Do you really love the lamp? Or are you just naming things in the room? He goes, I love lamp. I love lamp. He doubles down.

Writer  17:45

I really love lamp.

Musician  17:47

And I always love that quote. Because you said Say anything random that you love in life and whatever I think of the most random thing to love.

Writer  17:56

I love lamp.

Musician  17:56

I love lamp. Until you know then, like your daughter plays a band named Lamp for us.

Writer  18:05

I love Lamp.

Musician  18:08

And they’re really good. I like Lamp.

Writer  18:12

You know what else I love? My Hirthday.

Musician  18:20

Yeah, how many people have have had a Hirthday? Do you think that’s like a common? Do you think there’s like 1000 of those out there? And if somebody opened it up and it said Happy Hirthday, did they actually hang it or throw it out and go get a new one?

Writer  18:37

Do you think they threw it out?

Musician  18:38


Writer  18:39

You got the one that had the B?

Musician  18:40

Oh yeah. People are intolerant of stuff like that. That doesn’t become something they put up with. They write the company. You ruined my kid’s Hirthday.

Writer  18:54

Right? Like…

Musician  18:56

You have your Dollar Tree.

Writer  18:57

Like, I was like trying to learn how to spell and then I was like, Mama isn’t that like spelled with a B?

Musician  19:05

Or the kid has a speech impediment. Are you making fun of me?

Writer  19:14

Yeah, like so like me, when I stuttered as a little girl B was would be harder to say than Hirthday. Like I’d be like B-B-B-Birthday, but with Hirthday. It just comes out really. With your breath. That’s another thing I love about life. I love breath. I love my breath. I love to feel my my voice and my breath. My I can feel it from my stomach like coming up through my throat. Even in my esophagus, I feel it and then I get to to say words, with my voice with my breath.

Musician  20:06

Breathing is an interesting one, you can say that you love breathing. But even if you never said anything about it, everybody loves breathing. Like that’s. That’s almost inherent. With each breath, there’s so much love. It’s it’s giving life.

Writer  20:37

So generous.

Musician  20:38

And then you feel like love itself is sort of a breath. Taking love in and love out and giving and receiving.  Like you receive life from the breath. You receive love, self-love, breathing, deep breathing. It’s like the most important thing in life but we take it for granted. Most people don’t think about breathing the entire day, they do it all day, but they don’t think about it at all. They wouldn’t talk about it, think about it, it just happens. And then I’d like to think that in that same respect, love happens like that. And once you become conscious of it there’s a beauty to it. But even unconscious without trying without thinking you’re taking in the love which would be breath and you know water and food and self love and self care all that love you’re taking in. And you give out and some people it’s really they they’re, you know, cleaning, purifying the air of the water, bringing food and giving that to people giving love the simple solution is give more love out to the world and see it come back to you.

Writer  22:05

I love that so much. I experience it all the time like that. Like at the flower shop, I work at a flower shop. And yesterday it was really I think that’s why that day was so magical is because my intention was so strong on just giving love in any way whether it was through creating a flower bouquet for somebody, collaborating with them, walking around, picking flowers or even a conversation you know and then I just noticed that it just kept getting bigger and bigger. You know like the moment expands and turns into another thing and another thing sparks that and then it just keeps on and it’s beautiful. And I’m looking over here and I see our Camp Creamy sign. This is Camp Creamy. Ending this episode with love. Sharing so much love with you and a cheers.

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