Episode 1 : Everything and Nothing

Sunday • April 2, 2023 12:34 AM • 32:08


The Writer – The Musician

Musician  00:05

Hey, Everybody. Welcome to Stream of Coffeeness. This is our first podcast.

Writer  00:11

I’m The Writer.

Musician  00:13

And I’m The Musician. And today we’re going to talk about nothing.

Writer  00:18

Oh, that’s it? Are we done?

Musician  00:20

Heh heh. We might talk about something. We might even talk about everything. But listening to it, it might seem like nothing. I’ve heard it said that the nothing in your art defines something. It’s the negative space that is important.

Writer  00:45

It’s like a contrast, you know, it like, outlines it. Wait. What?

Musician  00:50

Are you trying to go around the mic?

Writer  00:51

Oh? (Laughter)

Musician  00:57


Writer  00:57

I have the first podcast giggles happening.

Musician  01:00

The mic is definitely in the way.

Writer  01:02


Stream of Coffeeness  01:06


Musician  01:06

That’s something.

Writer  01:07

But we have our coffee. And we have our cheers.

Musician  01:10

Oh, we do have coffee. And…

Writer  01:12

That right there is everything.

Musician  01:13

Cheers, everyone.

Writer  01:15

That’s how we start. You know, that’s how we start and roll with the day and everything and nothing. Cheers to everything and nothing.

Musician  01:25

When you have nothing. That’s a very empty space. And when you put something in that empty space, that something becomes everything. That’s the simplicity of life is, if you have everything all at once, like say you put everything in the whole world into a picture. That picture would be far too crowded. You wouldn’t be able to focus on anything. And you need to be able to focus on something. So you take a lot of things out. And now you just have something in the middle of a field of nothing. “Nothing” can be something in and of itself. Like in the Beatles, Yellow Submarine, they find the Sea Of Holes. And Ringo is actually able to pick up a hole and put it in his pocket. And he says, “Now I have a hole in me pocket.” Have you seen Yellow Submarine?

Writer  02:31

I’ve actually never seen that.

Musician  02:33

Oh, no.

Writer  02:34

We got to put that on our list of things to watch.

Musician  02:36

It’s not even the Beatles. Those were some other voices.

Writer  02:41

Oh, is it an animation?

Musician  02:43

It’s an animation. It’s not even The Beatles real voices, just their music and some fun fantasy.

Writer  02:50

What you said, like that example. It, um…I mean, that opens so many doors. That’s the thing is “nothing” actually opens so many doors to new things.

Musician  03:03

It’s a good place to start, like meditation. Trying to get your mind to focus on nothing.

Writer  03:09

It’s almost like the power or the energy becomes stronger in that space.

Musician  03:16

Oh, yes.

Writer  03:17

Which can make your art more stronger.

Musician  03:20

In the blank, uncluttered mind, when you suddenly have a thought you can really focus on that thought. Because it’s the only one. Versus like a chattering mind. The monkey mind. Overthinking. Over analyzing too many thoughts, too much conversation, a din, then suddenly, you can focus.

Writer  03:45

Is that why when say for example, I go to the art room. And I’m just sitting there I haven’t even yet started on my writing. But I’m just sitting there. And I’m actually doing nothing at all. But then I start to feel really big and spacious inside of myself and like something about what’s happening, growth.

Musician  04:10


Writer  04:11

And so that nothing, there’s really something to that nothing.

Musician  04:15

But you said you weren’t doing anything.

Writer  04:17

And I was. Yeah.

Musician  04:18

And you were doing something you were sitting.

Writer  04:20


Musician  04:21

So sitting was the thing you were doing not doing nothing. And if you lay down laying is the thing you’re doing.

Writer  04:27

Like Winnie the Pooh, he was like up in the tree. He’s all, “Doing nothing is doing something.”

Musician  04:33

Yes. Until you’re in sensory deprivation. In a sensory deprivation tank you are floating, which I guess is still something, but it tricks your brain into feeling like you’re in zero gravity. You’re in space; you’re just floating.

Writer  04:52

Oh. I’ve always wanted to go there.

Musician  04:53

You’re just not connected to the ground. You’re just there without any input from your eyes you’re in darkness. There’s no smells, there’s no, no feeling.

Writer  05:05

I wonder how long I would last there or you would last there?

Musician  05:08

You start to hallucinate. Your brain starts to play tricks on you.

Writer  05:14

Such a trickster. Brain.

Musician  05:16

Like Altered States. In Altered States, he would go into the sensory deprivation tanks and then flip out.

Writer  05:24

I like altered states. I think Speckoi is in an altered state. She’s on my lap and she’s purring. Everybody, my cat’s name, our cat’s name is Speckoi.

Musician  05:38

I guarantee. Try as you might, nobody will ever spell it correctly. The other cat’s name is Oreo, a black and white kitty.

Writer  05:50

Yes. And Speckoi, I actually have to make her a dictionary because she knows so many words that I’m gonna make her a dictionary. She knows the word snuggle everybody. Okay, so when you yell in the house, you’re in bed. All of a sudden you yell, snuggle. And then she’ll actually come sometimes Not all, not every single time, but she’ll come at times. So yeah, she knows other words like bird. She knows flowers because she likes to smell flowers. She is cute. She knows the word avocado. (Laughter)

Musician  06:36

My joke is that she doesn’t know any of the words. She just knows the tone of the voice and responds to it. So snuggle means avocado. Avocado means bird. Bird means flower. And all of them are the same word. But, maybe.

Writer  06:56

Right now she’s doing nothing.

Musician  07:00

She perked up.

Writer  07:02


Musician  07:03

She’s like, nothing? Are you kidding? This is everything?

Writer  07:05

Oh. I tell you. We have to do nothing more often.

Musician  07:13

Oh, what would you do? If you had a million dollars? And in Office Space, he jokes, “Nothing.”

Writer  07:22

You know, yesterday, like I never buy lottery tickets. But my sister and my nephew when we go on walks. You know, we talk a lot about all the things. And the last walk that we took. We talked about if we won the lottery, what kind of things would you buy? So we ended up talking about all these things we would buy. And I bought a lottery ticket yesterday. This is something that never happens. Like I never do that. But I ended up winning $4 Oh, and I told them I said I’m going to share with you whatever I win. I’m sharing it.

Musician  08:02

Where is it?

Writer  08:03

The next walk that we go on with Sis and my nephew, Beckett. I’m gonna bring them each a dollar.

Musician  08:14

Where’s that four bucks?

Writer  08:15


Musician  08:16

I want to make it rain. You’re rich.

Writer  08:17

We just won last night. But you got to start somewhere. And so I’m like hell yeah! I won four dollars. Next time it could be $10,000. Let’s check it out.

Musician  08:28

And then we could buy 10,000 lottery tickets.

Writer  08:31

No, I’m just gonna get my sis a hot tub in her backyard. And Beckett, you want some like, thing for his game that he’s creating. He’s like a little genius. He you know, creates all the characters in a game and draws them and everything like that. So he wants some imaginary thing going on. So I’m like, Okay, I don’t know how I’m gonna get that for you. But I’ll try.

Musician  08:57

Oh, wow. To be spending money on the intangible.

Writer  09:01

Yeah, yeah.

Musician  09:02

Maybe we could get him some bitcoin.

Writer  09:05

Oh, that’s a good idea.

Musician  09:06

Fake money for his fake world.

Writer  09:09

Oh, Eric.

Musician  09:10

Or virtual, I shouldn’t say fake. That’s that’s condescending, or…

Writer  09:16

To him it’s so real. That’s another…

Musician  09:18

Big time.

Writer  09:19

…way to expand this conversation because the imagination. People say, Oh, it’s not real. You know, it’s fantasy. But the imagination is so real.

Musician  09:34

Oh, yeah. For some people too real. The imaginary…

Writer  09:39


Musician  09:39

…is more real than the actual world. They have a hard time living in the real world because their imagination is so rich.

Writer  09:49

And it’s so much better than the real. Sometimes.

Musician  09:53

That’s too judgmental.

Writer  09:55


Musician  09:56


Writer  09:56

I think if you’re an artist, you know there’s something to it, there’s a lot of joy there, there’s a lot of freedom. Because, you know, you’re not controlled or in constraints or in these shackles that sometimes you feel in the world. And then you go to your imagination and it’s so free.

Musician  10:17

Well, there again, there’s that, that rub, the money. If you had a million dollars, what would you do? And the answer for so many people is whatever I want. Hunter Thompson had a group of buddies and they used to prove that if you had enough money, you could do anything. They would wander into some building and break something or steal something or do what’s unthinkable. Then just hand somebody like $10,000 and say, Are we cool?

Writer  10:50

Like Oprah.

Musician  10:51

And most people would say…

Writer  10:52

Oh, she’s so wonderful.

Musician  10:55

$10,000? We’re cool.

Writer  10:59


Musician  11:00

As if money cures everything. So there’s a freedom in society, the more money you have, but once you don’t have enough money to cover your actions, then there are limitations. There’s things you can’t do. And there’s that pesky morality thing like trying to be moral trying to be good to others. There’s a …

Writer  11:21

Why do you say pesky?

Musician  11:23

It’s a joke.

Writer  11:25


Musician  11:25

It’s a joke about you know, you’re saying what can you do? You can do anything. Well, you definitely would want to not hurt others or do some really horrible things.

Writer  11:37


Musician  11:37

There’s morality that gets in the way of…

Writer  11:39

Yeah, you wanna like push the edge because the pushing the edge is fun. But you know when you start to like, hurt others or betray others then it’s not fun anymore.

Musician  11:51

No, no, I mean, you joke you know, “not for them” but once you have a really loving heart, anything you did to someone else, you’d be doing to yourself and you would feel it. You’d be all connected.

Writer  12:04

Yeah, like Speckoi does that.

Musician  12:07

I think there is, so that’s the where the joke of pesky morality, like, there is the, the truth to that, is then morality is a filter trying to connect you more to life, nature, the world, and humanity by saying that “treat others as you would treat yourself” so that we can feel that connection. There can be peace.

Writer  12:33

Cheers to that.

Musician  12:37

Cheers to that. As Jimi Hendrix said.

Writer  12:45

I’m gulping to that one.

Musician  12:49

Pouring the coffee on my face and letting it just drip down my body.

Writer  12:54

Dripping down my chin.

Musician  12:55

Everybody check out all my drip.

Writer  12:57

My nipples. My kneecaps.

Musician  13:01

There we go.

Writer  13:01

My toes.

Musician  13:01

Oh, wow, we just got a lot more listeners.

Writer  13:05


Musician  13:05

The moment you said nipples I saw a spike in our listenership. Wow.

Writer  13:14

Speckoi is all “I’m out of here. You’re dripping coffee on me.”

Musician  13:17

So anyway, Jimi Hendrix had said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, there will be peace.”

Writer  13:25

Oh. Yes. That’s what makes me go like, What the heck? Terry, on America’s Got Talent was like “Power! Is my word.” Because I really like Terry. Terry’s cool. I like his clothes. I like his shoes, his everything his jumping like pecs.

Musician  13:48

Power in his nipples.

Writer  13:50

Power. And it creeps, simultaneously creeps me out and fascinates me at the same time. I’m like, How do you do that?

Musician  14:02

He’s got talented nipples.

Writer  14:04

Dancing nipples too. Salsa dancing nipples.

Musician  14:07

And that’s his power.

Writer  14:09

So powerful.

Musician  14:12

We can actually get back to talking about nothing. Because for a while now we’ve been talking about something. We haven’t talked about everything yet. Yeah, that’s for later in the podcast. Eventually. If you put all our podcasts together we would have talked about everything. Oh yeah. Until then we’ll just keep…

Writer  14:32

We have plans.

Musician  14:34

Finding something to talk about. And hopefully at some point, you know, we don’t find ourselves with nothing to talk about at all.

Writer  14:41

We’ll be like the characters on anime. The Enlightened characters like.

Musician  14:47


Writer  14:48


Musician  14:50

And that’s the reaction to everything.

Writer  14:52

Os! I love Hunter x Hunter.

Musician  14:59

You know the, There is that theory that the nothingness is what connects us or the darkness it’s what connects us. Like, everyone would say that they’re looking for the light, we’d all find this glowing light that would connect us all in peace. But truly, there’s another connection that when you’re asleep, there’s an unconsciousness. And we’re all connected by that. We look for things that that connect people. And that’s one thing that does connect us everybody when they go to sleep, goes to unconscious, a darkness where they’re unaware of, you know, besides like, say dreams or something like that. But there’s definitely a place where you’re not seeing any light and you’re not hearing any sounds and you’re you’re just in you’re asleep, in darkness.

Writer  15:46

So restful, so peaceful. How did it ever come about that darkness is scary. It’s so peaceful.

Musician  15:54

Well, it’s not inherently scary. We give it meaning. Some people are very afraid of the dark and some feel very comfortable. Like if I’m wandering around at night. I’m more comfortable without, say a flashlight or a headlamp. I just like my eyes adjusting to the dark and walking by moonlight. But I used to be afraid of the dark. Did you when I was a kid? I think it kind of happened to me once my brother scared me really bad. He was hiding under the bed.

Writer  16:30

What did he do?

Musician  16:32

I kept calling for him because I thought he was there in the room somewhere. And he wouldn’t make any noise for a long time. And then when I got up to go to turn the light on. He grabbed me quick and said, “Hah!”

Writer  16:50

Did he grab like your ankles?

Musician  16:52

I don’t remember. He probably. I just remember, yeah, just suddenly being like terrified. Screaming. Crying.

Writer  17:00

Oh, that’s so wild.

Musician  17:02

And then I needed a nightlight for a long time. I needed like light.

Writer  17:08

I do like a weird thing when I’m really scared if someone scares me like that. I do some weird little twitch thing. Where like, I’m actually I don’t scream. I’m actually incredibly quiet. And still. But then I do this involuntary like “Ehh!” in my whole body. And…(Laughter)

Musician  17:34

Well, that’s how you survive a bear attack. It’s very still. Play dead.

Writer  17:38

So I’m like a possum?

Musician  17:45

Smart move.

Writer  17:46

To do nothing. Smart.

Musician  17:48

Maybe? What if the scream of terror is what freaks the monster into attacking you?

Writer  17:55

Into more like violent frenzy.

Musician  17:57

Your violent scream is like what what provokes the monster? If you had just been more calm?

Writer  18:03

Kill me because I’m screaming so loud and annoyingly, they’re like, you know, “get rid of the sound as fast as possible.”

Stream of Coffeeness  18:12


Musician  18:18

Comfortable silence or uncomfortable silence?

Writer  18:22

So comfortable.

Musician  18:24

Not for the listener. They’d be on the edge of their seat. What on earth they going to talk about next? Nothing? Something?

Writer  18:34

Yeah, what about nothing are they going to talk about next?

Musician  18:39

Nothing. There’s nothing to say. Words can’t describe than nothing. Only silence could describe the nothing.

Writer  18:48

To me personally, I feel a really strong creative impulse within the nothing almost similar actually, that I would think is like the Big Bang for example, when that happened. That creative impulse that just vibrated like wild.

Musician  19:06

Oh, like it had to happen?

Writer  19:07


Musician  19:08

There was nothing there. And creation had to happen in that space.

Writer  19:15


Musician  19:16

Interesting. But theoretically, everything was there. No matter can be created nor destroyed. Like the singularity. Everything was there. And it burst and spread out to become the universe in that field of nothingness.

Writer  19:35

And to gorgeousness.

Musician  19:37

I had heard an interesting theory that that’s the one thing that in the singularity was unknown was loneliness. There’s no loneliness when everything is connected and everything is there. So the universe had to become separate pieces and spread out. And as it’s theoretically growing, there’s a there’s supposed to be a movement. In the universe that is growing and spreading, and you know, birth of more stars. And as everything expands…

Writer  20:07


Musician  20:09

The universe is learning more and more about loneliness that it never knew in the singularity about a separateness.

Writer  20:17

There must be some purpose to that, of what you say about connection being alongside aloneness. For me, when I know my aloneness, I feel more connected in life, because I’ve been there, and I’m not sure if it has something to do maybe with the yin and the yang, like once you know, your darkness, and you know your light.

Musician  20:40

And vice versa. That even the more you know about connection, the more you feel loneliness. And the more you know about loneliness, the more you feel connection when it’s there.

Writer  20:52

And why does it bounce back and forth? Sometimes there’s movement.

Musician  20:58

Only because they can’t happen simultaneously? Or can you? I’ve, I’ve been inside of a huge gathering and felt completely alone. And maybe, maybe we feel a bounce back and forth when they’re both happening at the same time.

Writer  21:20

I wonder if for me, the center, it does have that quality of connection and aloneness, actually swirling kind of like it’s a Nebula or something like it’s got this.

Musician  21:34

Which would say we choose, our choice to be lonely or our choice to feel connection. That’s powerful.

Writer  21:43

That’s like Terry’s nipples.

Musician  21:51

I think every time you say nipples, we get like 10 more listeners. Maybe 100 more listeners.

Writer  21:58

We won the listener lottery, we have 5 million more listeners.

Musician  22:03


Writer  22:04


Musician  22:07

Is that the scientific term?

Writer  22:08

Coffee dripping from my nipples. What?

Musician  22:11

Is that the scientific term?

Writer  22:13


Musician  22:13

Nipple? Or is that just slang?

Writer  22:16

For what?

Musician  22:17

For a nipple?

Writer  22:19


Musician  22:19

That part of your body? Does it have a name? Like the weenus? Is the scientific term for the end of your elbow?

Writer  22:28

Yes, yes, we have to be able to identify the nipples. It’s very important.

Musician  22:34

Well, no, I just want to make sure if it’s scientific, we could say the word if it’s slang, we might actually be cursing in our first podcast over and over and over again. Pandering just for listeners.

Writer  22:46

The long name for nipples is nippleoneous.

Musician  22:53

Call in if you have the answer and tell us. The phone number is…

Writer  22:58

1-800 nipples.

Musician  23:03

I wish actually knew the number to provide I would I would give this fake number. And when people call it it would say “I am Groot.” And it’s for girls when they want to give a phone number to someone. That’s not their number. But it seems like they’re giving someone a number. There’s a rejection hotline and it says, you know when you call, you know, thank you for calling. The person that you’ve asked for their phone number did not want to give you the phone number but they really wanted to be nice to you. Nice enough to give you this message to tell you that.

Writer  23:40

I am Groot.

Musician  23:41

This is not their number. Now then the other one you call all it says is “I am Groot. I am Groot.”

Writer  23:49

Oh, that person would be like, I hope we get to go on a date.

Musician  23:53

Yeah, I’m calling me to call them. I’m gonna call them and then they call and it’s “I am Groot.” And you want to feel sad, but then you might laugh,

Writer  24:01

You might laugh and you might be like, “okay.”

Musician  24:02

Get a giggle and think oh, now I even want to date him more because they’re hilarious.

Writer  24:07


Stream of Coffeeness  24:07


Musician  24:09

I hope I run into that person again.

Writer  24:11

Or you just say “No, I don’t want to give my number to you.”

Musician  24:15

Which is better, to say nothing? Or to say something?

Writer  24:19

In that case.

Musician  24:19

Or to gonna give them everything.

Writer  24:20

In that case. Give them the phone number to Groot. I am Groot.

Musician  24:25

You want to let people down gently. It’s just such a quick way out. Like, “Hey, girl, give me them digits.” And hopefully you’ve memorized that Groot number. I’ve got to memorize it. That’s squad goals.

Writer  24:39

Is that what you said when you met me? Hey, girl, give me those digits.

Musician  24:44

You didn’t call?

Writer  24:45

Actually I said something to him. I said “You have beautiful eyes.” And then he perked up. Like…

Musician  24:55

Who wouldn’t?

Writer  24:56

Like a cat with the ears you know like he turned his head like, “What?”

Musician  25:01

The eyes being the window to the soul?

Writer  25:04

And actually, that’s the thing is because he turned his head so, I actually said it to him when he wasn’t looking at me because I was watching him talking to someone at the party. And I was staring at him, just staring and like, in this euphoric space in myself while watching him talk to this person. And just…mmm.

Musician  25:29

I turned my head and I coughed.

Writer  25:31

And then he sneezed all over me.

Stream of Coffeeness  25:33


Musician  25:40

Best day of my life.

Writer  25:46

Yeah, that was fun. That was a really wonderful night. And we went out dancing. Although I danced. He didn’t dance at all. (Laughter) It was with a group of people.

Musician  25:57

As a musician, you would think I’d be more into dancing, but somehow I’m listening so intently to the music.

Writer  26:05

Yeah, you were dancing on the inside.

Musician  26:07

That yeah, I don’t I my body doesn’t I don’t think about like dancing. I, I’m thinking about the complexity of the music or thinking about the beats and the melodies and harmonies and that’s all going through me. I experience music in a different way. But I know how important dance is like the more people dancing, it amplifies the music. Dancing is actually connected. So connected to the music that the more people you have in a crowd dancing to the music, it actually raises the vibration. Brings everyone to a higher level. I get it.

Writer  26:42


Musician  26:42

Power of dance. Like even hip hop, true hip hop. You can’t have true Hip Hop without dancing without break dancers. You need the MC, the DJ, the break dancer, and the graffiti artists. You need all four elements to have true hip hop.

Writer  26:58

I love the krumping. The krumping that deep just so deep, like, I’m just wanna.. Unh.

Musician  27:10

I like the power of the crimp.

Writer  27:12

Yeah. And that too.

Musician  27:14

For any Mighty Boosh fans out there, that have gone beyond Old Gregg and seeing more episodes than simply Old Gregg.

Writer  27:24

Old Gregg.

Musician  27:26

50 Shades of Gregg.

Writer  27:31

Do you want some Bailey’s in a shoe?

Musician  27:33

I saw George Clinton pouring Bailey’s into a shoe.

Writer  27:38

Did you really? What year was that?

Musician  27:39

He’s a fan of The Boosh.

Writer  27:41

Actually, it’s probably the other way around.

Musician  27:43

But of course.

Writer  27:44

Boosh is a fan of George Clinton.

Musician  27:46

Of course they are. But of course because Bootsy Collins is mentioned in the episode. Yeah, they would. Somebody would get to George Clinton be like, Oh my God. Have you heard? Have you heard what The Boosh said about the funk? taken out of context? That just sounds like nonsense. Have you heard what The Boosh said about the funk?

Writer  28:11

Sounds so funky.

Musician  28:12

It just sounds silly. Like, completely made up words. Nonsense. overheard at a party. While drinking Bailey’s from a shoe.

Writer  28:23


Musician  28:25

Cheers. This maybe even could be a good place to wish our listeners well. End our first podcast.

Writer  28:41

Oh, yes! We wish you well. We wish you coffee today and tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. Until we meet again.

Musician  28:56


Writer  28:57

Love you.

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